Eat healthy!

The food pyramid illustrates you, where you can your energy to play and think without getting tired. A healthy diet works with only a few rules.

Nothing is working without drinks 

Our body needs plenty of liquids but they should be low-calorie: Water, fruit teas, highly diluted fruit juices.

Fruits ans vegetables – real energy bombs!

Most of the vegetables, fruits and salades are low-calorie but rich of vitamins, minerals and fibre. You should enjoy them several times a day. 

Bread, pasta and cereals provide us with power!

Bread, cereals, granola, potatoes, pasta and rice provides our body with power. For example, they provide our muscles and our brain with the necessary energy. Besides wholegrain food products and potatoes supply us with valuable B-vitamines, many minerals and fibres. The fribes taking care of a big and long lasting repletion.

Iss dich fit! - Die Ernährungspyramide

Milk, yogurt and cheese – the powerful friends

Milk, cheease and yogurt and other dairy products supply us with valuable protei, calcium for our bones, vitamines and many other nutrients. Since dairy products contain a lot of fat it makes sense not eat too much of them.

Meat, fish, cold sausage and eggs – the protein profis

Each of the foods is very important as a supplier of highly nutritious protein and iron for the blood formation. Low-fat products of meat and cold sausage are espacially good. Fish is supplying you with the important omega-3-fatty acids and iodine.  Eggs contain valuable protein and vitamines but also cholesterol. Thats why you should not eat 2 or 3 per week. 

Chocolate, Coca Cola and ice cream – enjoy in small portions 

Sweets and salty snack, limonade, ice cream und cake are delicious but they should be eaten in small portions.

Valuable oils and fats – liquid and solid

Even butter, cream, oils and fats are important for the tast and preparation of meals. But they should be consumed in small amounts.