Content & course

Our focus

At PRO90 the priority is given to fun, because without the enjoyment of the game, football is often put on the side lines. That's why we want to transmit this feeling at our football camps, to awaken and encourage it. The team spirit plays an important role at our camps and we attach high value to good behaviour among the teammates and coaches.

The course

The course can vary from camp to camp and is adapted to different courses and weather conditions. Normally we start our PRO90 football camp with a two hours training unit in the morning. After a collective lunch - children appropriate with no pork - the boys and girls can go on the pitch again or have the opportunity to attend a quiz, receive nutritional advice, or lessons on football rules and tactics. The supporting programme changes depending on the training course. It will be followed by the second and final training unit for that day.

The kit

The exact kit can also vary and is customised for each appointment. Usually every child who attends a PRO90 football camp gets a full kit, which consists of a tricot, shorts, stirrup socks, a ball, a bag and a sports bottle - the so-called starter package.

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We want to optimize raining conditions for young football players, which we can be achieve through expert coaching. Horst Köppel takes over the leadership of the PRO90 coaches. In most cases he personally is on the pitch with the children and is supported by other coaches of the PRO90 coaching team.You will be informed via mail which coach is going to be attending the camp. 

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Registration for our camps can be made online. If there are free places available in our football camps you will find them under dates. After you have booked a place for your child you will receive an automatic confirmation email with a request for payment. If we've received your payment you will get another email approximately one week before the beginning of the camp. This email will include all the necessary information for the upcoming event.

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We adapt training content depending on age and performance of children. For further information please refer to the following chart:

Training 5-7 year-old

features of children:
need for movement, high spirits, curiosity, fun/enthusiasm and enjoyment of playing

content of PRO90 training:

  • small ball games
  • various motor running, catching and fun games
  • playful learning of basic techniques
  • playing football in small teams
  • getting to know simple football rules

Training 8-11 year-old

features of children:
golden years of learning, children want to compete themselves, growing interest, concentration is improved

content of PRO90 training:

  • systematic training of techniquesg
  • getting to know the main football rules
  • playing football in small teams (free and tactical)
  • various trainings of flexibility
  • individual tactics

Training 12-15 year-old

Features of children:
puberty(period of crisis), mood swings, rapid body growth, good tactical learning ability

content of PRO90 training:

  • individual-, groups and beginning team tactics
  • football games with priorities and free games
  • football-specific practice of stamina
  • dynamic techniques
  • additional fitness training